Can Chiropractors Treat Whiplash? 

You’re sitting at a stoplight patiently waiting and in an instant your life changes.  You were just rear ended by another driver playing on their cellphone.  The abrupt trauma sends you into a state of fight or flight as your consciousness begins to decipher what just occurred and you initiate a triage your situation.  Almost instantly your neck tightens up and you begin to feel a throb in the back of your head.  You begin to wonder what kind of medical care you may need. 

Yes, chiropractors treat whiplash.  A “properly trained” chiropractor is probably your best hope at a complete recovery from a whiplash injury. 

What is whiplash?

Dr. Arthur Croft of the Spinal Research Center of San Diego is the leading expert on whiplash injuries or what he calls CAD (cervical acceleration deceleration) injuries.  He defines these injuries as sudden changes in direction in the cervical spine in which the internal ligaments are damaged.  This sudden change indirection often is perceived as a “whipping” action of the head and neck.  Research shows us that the head DOES NOT actually “whip” during these injuries but more of less the cervical spine endures and abnormal shape change from its healthy C-shape to a very unhealthy S-shape.  

What will a chiropractor do for whiplash?

If you recently sprained your ankle on the basketball court, would you let a chiropractor adjust it? ABSOLUTELY NOT so why do some chiropractors feel like they should adjust a sprained neck i.e. whiplash? The answer is simple they are quacks.  They willfully neglect all of their education for the sake of “the pop”. If a chiropractor wants to “pop” your neck on the first visit and your whiplash injury is less than 2 weeks old then I professionally suggest your run.

A properly trained chiropractor will examine your injury thoroughly.  This often includes orthopedic, neurologic and dynamic radiographic examination.  Considering that a whiplash injury is torn ligaments in the neck the chiropractor will initiate a treatment protocol for stabilizing the area.  This should include rest, physical therapy, sometimes a neck brace, and often inflammation management either in conjunction with the PCP or through natural means.  

Never the less if you suffer a whiplash from an auto accident or other type of accident you should seek medical attention to ensure proper healing and rehabilitation.  If you choose to go to a chiropractor make sure they have experience with auto accidents by checking with your attorney or even your insurance adjuster because, 

Yes chiropractors can treat whiplash injury as long as they are properly trained.

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